Barolito's Aquaseria By Milan - Aqua

Aqua is our keeper from the A-litter, and she was also the first puppy to enter the world in the morning 26th of  May 2016. In this litter we had big difficulties to choose which puppy to keep, but finally she was the one. She is the cutes little girl, and we are looking forward to the future with her. 
8 weeks
Aqua - our first "self made" whippet


She is an  active and curious youngster, however she knows to take a break. Loves everybody, and if possible, she would like to say "hello" to people who we meet at our walks. Still young and very happy!

Here you can find out more about her pedigree.


Shows and Lure Coursing


So far just a few puppy show and it went well. The images taken when she was 4 month is in a puppy show, and the jugde are whippet specialist Mr. Arne Foss.


4 month
 6 month
7 month

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